coconut infused chocolate cake with peach compote

When I made this, I could not believe how fuzz free this can be. This resulted as a brownie baking session. The brownie recipe – slighlty simplified – from Jamie O’s cookbooks. Brownies are nice to made: There is absolutely no way to mess up something that contains only chocolate, little bit of flour, butter ,eggs and sugar. There are combined the basics for a good brownie. There are then endless possibilities in terms of flavor: with custard, peanut butter, nuts, fruits, vanilla… you name it.

For a more fluffier version I added some baking soda, essentially, creating a chocolate cake like texture.

DSC_1633Two tablespoons fit well into  a glass, which I buttered and sprinkled with dessicated coconut ahead. I added some crushed walnuts at the top. chocolate with walnuts just are natural together.

Whilst baking, I cut a ripe peach into junks and simmer it at low heat with some honey over the hob until the texture is broken down. I set this aside to cool.

chocolate coconut bronwie

Once the bake is ready, i remove the glass from the oven and let it sit to cool as well. It should have well risen and spongy feel when touching it.

To serve, top the chocolate cake with the peach compote. Pour some coconut milk on top. This will run through the bake and make it more moist. This can be served warm right after the oven as well. (if you are really keen, give it a spin in the microwave).  This would probably work with the original recipe (without the the baking soda). I can imagine a moist rich chocolate au tarte version with fruity toppings. Next time then.



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