Merry Berry Banana Chia Pod

This is seriously a 10 min fix against your monday morning blues.

Chia seeds are claimed to provide protein, vitamins and omega-3 fats. Combined  with  low fat yoghurt, oatmeal, fresh strawberries and coconut roasted bananas, this got me started with a vitamin boost. The natural sweetness of the fruits makes adding refined sugar redundant.

Chia Seeds, Coconut and Almond flakes
Oatmeal flakes and Strawberries

I sliced the strawberries and mixed them with the yoghurt, some oatmeal and the chia seeds into the glass and set them aside for the oatmeal to immerse with the yoghurt.


Some cut up banana chunks are rolled in desiccated coconut and almond flakes before putting them in a hot pot with melted butter. This gives them a hint of butter and the heat unlocks the coconutty flavor.

The pod are topped with the banana chunks and finised off with some drops of maple syrup or honey (optional).

Now enjoy that with some good cup of coffee!

Crispy banana on chia seed yoghurt pod

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