Oven baked Cod with Indian spiced rice

Cod and rice

I believe that Cod can be cooked other than battered and fried. Cod is so simple in taste and can be so versatile. I stumbled across fresh cod fillets at the market. Ideal for a quick dinner with some rice and veg.

A oven proved clay pot can slow cook the cod and keeps it moist.

The cod fillets are layered on a pea and veg mix in the clay pot. Rub the cod fillet with olive oil, seasonal herbs, some salt and pepper.

cod in the oven

After the pot is put into the oven, I prepare the Indian rice. Cook some basmati rice according to instructions. Add in some crushed cardamon and some cloves and dissolved safran (or curcuma for just the color) into the simmering rice. A little bit of vegetable stock will give it the salt and additional flavor.

rice and spicesDSC_1631

If you like, dissolve some safran into a small amount of water before adding into the simmering rice

(alternatively, use curcuma, which imitates the orangey color).

Fried onions give the dish the necessary flavor kick without being too overpowering the subtle cod flavor.


Cut some spring onions into thin slices for the fried onion topping. Stir-fry them in some oil until they become soft.

Once the cod is soft and glossy in texture it is done. Lastly, stir in some butter in the veg and serve it with rice and fried spring onions. Simple goodness as easy as that.



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