Rhubarb Pear Compote with Vanilla Custard

Cold weather flavors in a jar: rhubarb pear compote
Cold weather flavors in a jar: rhubarb pear compote

Rhubarb is probably one of the most unpopular vegetable next to brussels sprouts due to its acidity and sharp taste. I like both. Rhubarb is versatile and can be used in savory dishes or desserts, such as cakes and muffins. But not prepared probably it can leave an odd gluey feeling on your tongue like a unripe banana. The easiest way to make it tasty I learned at home is to make jam or compote. It best fits with sweet soft apples.

After having bought them at the local farmer’s market I decided to make a compote, for which I first peeled and then cut them into bite size pieces. Instead of apples I used Red Anjou pears. Their bright maroon red color caught my attention. They are good on salads and have a hint of citrus. Though they are rather crisp pears, they would give my compote more texture in the end, which I prefer.

DSC_1281 DSC_1290 (2)

I combined the rhubarb and pear pieces in a pot and let them soak in caster sugar for 20-30min. Put in a cinnamon stick and some water for additional liquid and let it come to a boil. I let it simmer until the pieces fall apart. Be careful not too overcook as the rhubarb can become very sour.

In the meanwhile, I prepare some vanilla custard which is a perfect partner to rhubarb coDSC_1291 (2)mpote like cherry on cream. For that I simply heat up a portion of milk (or cream) in a pot with sugar and vanilla extract. I then added two teaspoons of corn starch which I previously dissolved in cold milk. Let the custard come to a boil, keep stirring and check that custard has the desired consistency before turning of the heat.


I serve my compote in the glass with a portion of custard. My (post) winter treat.

compote rhubarb


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